Sunday, May 22, 2011

Calorie track down

Today was not-so very good day for my diet. As soon as i get up from bed, the little girl asked me to cook macaroni and cheese, so i did. After that, me and her sat in the table with a big bowl full of mac 'n cheese and a can of coke beside it.

Later this evening, friends called me and was asked to meet them in the track field for walking or doing some kind of workout to "supposedly" burn some calories. 30 minutes later, we took the kids to the park. Kids had so much fun, they wore theirselves out, the reason why we head to Dairy Queen to buy sweet treats for the kiddies. Of course, nobody can't resist the blizzard of the month that I immensely loved the very first day i took the bite. While at the cashier i also ordered the popcorn shrimp basket which had a total of about 990 calorie per box of serving. It was hell of a fun and crazy evening, i sure do not want to do it everyday.