Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nothing Much More Exciting!

I don't feel any good today. I had a headache. I feel tired and sleepy. I woke up really early this morning in a loud doorbell. Somebody came to our house to fix our doorknob. After a little while, i went back to bed but i couldn't go back to sleep because everybody's are up. Everyone of them are busy doing something Alyssa was lying on the bed playing at the same time screaming. Kyle was busy playing his xbox live, Sierra was listening music while Hubby trying to hooked up his new computer to the other room. He bought a used computer yesterday in a sidewalk for 10 dollars. Believe it or not, its true!lol It was so funny because the monitor brand is Dell with a black color while the cpu is pentium white color. Its works good though. I actually used this one right now for my blog since Sierra was using the other one. The only thing i dont like of this computer is the pictures on the page won't appear.

Eversince before, we been planning to buy one because we wanted to play online spades, be a partner and play against the people all over the world. Both of us are addicted on that game. Since we had this junky computer now, i don't think we both can play online cause of what i said the pictures won't come out. Maybe we need to download a flash player or a java or something. But then, its good too because i be able to update my blog anytime. I probably would upload a picture later if i had a chance to get on my computer.

Anyway, it won't take that long to get me a brand new. I would diffinitely get one IF i can get a bucks out from what i been doing. Hopefully! lol


Chant said...

yeah me too, I started doing blog when I heard that we can get some $$$...cause I want to have my own PC cause I left mine in Phils hehehe..

JAZEVOX said...

$10 for a puter, cant go wrong for the price.

its Black Friday the following day, marami sales, best time to buy tvs and computers probably