Friday, December 28, 2007

Ashop Commerce Review

If you are planning to create a store online, then you have to look out for shopping cart software available at ashop commerce.
Ashop Commerce is one of the leading world-class and award winning site hosted shopping cart software.
Below are some of the major benefits why ashop commerce is advisable:

1.affordable: pricing starts at US$39.95/month for the Lite package and $189.95/month for ashop Plus package.

2. Web Based shopping Cart this means no installation required.
3. Buying a Shopping Cart Software at Ashop is secure integrated with all major bank accounts including paypal.
4. You can try the 10day free trial and see if you are fully satisfied for it or not.
5. Thousands of features and fully customizable design enable you transfigure designs that suit on your webpage.
6. support team are available 24/7 chat live to help and provide you various solutions regarding ecommerce software.

I honestly admit that my knowledge on ecommerce is considerably as limited. Nevertheless, judging from the list of features as well as the provided demonstration on ashop commerce webpage is comprehensive and valuable yet, worth of time for those who are interested to create online store.