Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas In Our Hearts

Christmas is about 7 hours to go. In about 3 hours, kids and my in-laws will gonna be here. They are going to spend Christmas here at home. I am busy doing my chores, cleaning a bit, thinking of what i am going to cook for tomorrow. Well, we were not be able to celebrate noche buena together tonight. Hubby is at work. He is on night shift. We are going to have a Xmas celebration tomorrow morning coz in afternoon at 4o'clock he will be gone for work again. He is working at the Federal prison so there is no excuses, either holidays or not he has to work unless its days off. But they're going to pay him for working on holidays anyway.
After a little argument, hubby finally went to the store and get some groceries. Alright, there is no reason for me not to cook now. He provided me everything according to my grocery list.
I am wishing that we have a good Christmas. Even though, celebrating of Christmas here is a lot different in the Philippines. I'm sure my family back there are enjoying. My mom texted me last night she said, they have a disco, parlor games, masquerade ball, which was my favorite game. Hayz...I miss celebrating Xmas in Pinas. I miss the children's carolling, the alarming boom of firecrackers, the coffee from the church during simbang gabi, a biko from my mom (so delicious), invitations from the neighbors, drunk people dancing and singing etc. Doubtless wonderful, isn't it?