Tuesday, December 18, 2007

IQ Test

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You've got a very experiential way of learning and a strong mathematical mind. You're able to whittle even the most complex situation down to comprehensible component parts. In short, you have mastered the art and science of precision. That's what makes you a Precision Processor.

For you, life is a series of equations. Your brain is naturally predisposed to intense mathematical acuity, and your understanding of numerical problems is unparalleled. It's second nature for you to cut to the heart of an issue, so that you can discover quick solutions to problems while others get bogged down in unnecessary details.

One Precision Processor that comes to mind is the Greek philosopher-mathematician, Pythagoras. Pythagoras had a mind for numbers and, as such, could come up with previously unknown theories like his method for calculating the sides of a right triangle (a2+b2=c2).
You too, can use numbers to translate aspects of the world around you — something that doesn't come easily to everyone. Your quick mathematical mind will allow you to communicate a variety of ideas to other people, so don't keep it to yourself.

Precision Processors can apply their mathematical skills to any situation involving numbers. That's a talent that will come in handy for everything from the workplace to splitting a bill 12 ways to converting foreign currency in your head. Others often look to you to do the math and luckily, you're well equipped.

Hubby and I took an IQ test over the net and here is the result. Actually, hubby answered most of them cause i am kind of dumb about stuff like that specially mathematics and logic. But oh! i answered 3 of them right. There's been about 45 questions in there. Anyway, HE'S or OUR IQ test was 129. I don't know if its true. We found it was pretty fun so we give a shot and see what was gonna happen.

If you guys, are willing to take an IQ survey why not give your best vibes. Grab it if you like!