Thursday, December 20, 2007

Donate A Boat

Looking for an storage place to put up your old yacht, non-working boat, vessel or trailer? Why not donating it? It'll be good for you when doing charity works for others. You won't deal of any stress looking a place to put in and no headache on trying to look for somebody who would buy them. Donating such things can help others instead and get a tax savings out from it.
Angel ministries could help people change a life!

Boatangel is a donation center of boat, trailer, yacht and other vehicles. They accept boat donations from states in a US and or even across America. They are responsible to make arrangements for boat pick-up donation without cost to the person who donated a boat. The advantage of donating boats in boatangel is that they can receive a lawful IRS tax deduction for donating. Boatangel supplies the necessary paper works for claiming tax deductible.
The boat have donated are sells them on eBay in a charitable purpose. They are making an inspiring film dedicated for children and youth. In fact, they already made a film called Children Animation DVD's . This DVD is an inspiring animation film dedicated for the children. It was featured by the adventure of Donkie Ollie. Aside from that, they also making another film for anti-addiction which encourages for youth to get away from drug addiction.
If you were going to order them just go to the website and click order. No fee for DVD's and it is also free shipping absolutely no charge at all.

So Donate a Boat now! Your donation could have change a life of millions of children and youth around the world.

(If i would have an old non-working boat i would definitely donate my boat at boatangel but unfortunately, i don't have one.)

For more information about Angel Ministries play the video below.