Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Mood

Yohoo! i got 113 dollars today for writing reviews on such products and websites. I am happy i never thought i won't go this far. Although 113 dollars is not that much compared to a regular job but i think its worth it. I am glad that by just staying here at home taking care of my baby and doing some entries for blogs could earn me a little of dollars. It is by far from what i thought. Before, when i heard somebody says, they make a little bit of extra on blogging i was thinking like it was foolish or insane. I just let it go and never attempt to try it. Who have been thought somebody would give you a money by just writing your opinions. Actually i have a couple of blogs before but i kept on deleting it when times that i feel like i wanted to. I never expect that i could earned tru it and above all if i keep it i should have more of extra bucks from writing such reviews. Mostly, "paid to blog" sites requires certain qualifications like blogs are needs to be 90 days old, rankings are higher and well- traffic blog. But oh, I got it! I have 113 dollars in my paypal account now so congratulation to myself. lol


Chant said...

wow, thats good news, I hope I can do it soon too, well before I deleted my old blog, I regret cause I never thought we can earn some extra, for now I'm starting this my blog again but can't wait for 90 days hehe...keep blogging