Saturday, December 8, 2007

Yadda Yadda!!!

Last July my hubby bought an xbox 360 for my step-son Kyle for his birthday. I actually felt jelous that time because hubby brought him an expensive gift which was cost 400 dollars for everything while i got nothing for my birthday . Later,i realized that i got a birthday present which was pretty much expensive than xbox 360. I realized that me and my hubby flew a thousand of miles last april (my birthmonth), to see my beloved family back in RP.
Anyway, i am just happy because everytime Kyle will be staying here he don't bother me anymore. I admit that before he pisses me off when he was trying use the computer. I know i am acting like a child but i just can't ignore what i really felt. I am happy when i can sat on a computer desk at anytime, to play a games, talk to my family and friends than sitting in a couch and waited for him until he gets done on a computer.
After moving here, hubby hooked up his xbox 360 live since we already had a fast connection. In his xbox 360 live he can talk to people while playing with them, leave a voice message to somebody who is not currently online, watch movies, listening music, storing pictures and a lot more cool features. Kyle love it so much. I don't see him using the computer anymore! hehe! I was kinda happy for that because i don't deal of any competitions now except when Sierra is here which is not too often.
Well, just my yadda yadda for today. My senseless thoughts and trivial news. Have a great weekend everybody!


JAZEVOX said...

i like having my own computer so that i can use it anytime i want to without interupting anyone, or anyone interupting me

its more pleasant. have a great Sunday! thanks for hoppin by in my blog too :-)