Friday, December 7, 2007

My Christmas Wish

Each one of us, deep in our hearts wishes for something, may it be for ourselves or for the people we love. This is what christmas is all about. Making wishes and hoping they'll come true. We wait and wait and sometimes work for the realization of those wishes.

Here is the list of my own christmas wishes:

* good health always for my little family here in US and my big family back in RP.

* for Alyssa's good future. to be a good person, respectful to others and for herself.

* be a good mom and a good wife. I admit that i have to work on this. Sometimes i forget that i have Alyssa and Hubby.

* more blessings to come

* for my family will stay together forever no matter what trials come.

* to be

* Hubby's safety everyday specially at work. Dealing with 1800 of inmates is not that easy.

* to my m0m and dad back home, i hope they overcome trials they have right now.

(un lng tama n bka maiyak p ko kung ipgsigawan ko p d2 lhat ng wishes ko.)