Thursday, December 6, 2007

Friendly Kitten Blog Award

Obviously, i got sa many tags nowadays. I actually forget the others. huhuhu! There are some tags that i can't post it here because of too many works on it specially the puzzle. I am having hard time understanding things it right now. I am in a middle of uncertain feelings. My brain was dead and so my body does. I guess i was just too cold or something. I might get back on some more tags later if i can.

Anyway, thank you guys for all those tags specially to Cecil for this cute kitten award. Hehe! I just noticed that my award is Most Kitten Friendly Blog of the Year! I feel like i wOn a Miss Universe title or The Poker Star Player of the Year. Oh Gosh! i'm hallucinating things! I better go back on my real world now or else i would be completely insane. (turiring bah!)