Sunday, December 30, 2007

What's In My Wallet?

Norms tagged me on this. It was funny coz i need to dig on everything and arrange on what's in my wallet and took a picture on it. Apologize for the mess huh?

Here is my uninteresting old Natashia wallet. I bought it before when i was in the Philippines. It was already ripped off a little bit but I prefer to keep it coz it has a sentimental value for me.

What's in it?

Obviously, I got so many junk receipts from walmart and other stores. I am kinda like my mom keeping those unwanted receipts. Also I have a quite a few of pictures of me, Alyssa and hubby when he is on the military before. I have my ID's (permanent resident card, high school ID), health insurance card, G3 telecom calling card, SSN of Alyssa and mine, doctor's appointments, Alyssa's immunization record card, what else on there? Obviously no money, i had a few of coins hidden inside hard to see them coz it was buried of junks and the last my western union receipt.

I am passing this to everybody who would like to grab it. Show me whats in your wallet guys!