Friday, January 25, 2008

Not Again! Not Anymore!

I have spending so much time looking for my cellphone charger today. I started looking for it this afternoon and gladly i found it just now; midnight. Hayz! Hubby says, he was trying to call me from work and he is wondering what happened. He can't get up hold to me and he was thinking my cp is wholly dead and then again i don't find my charger.(its he's first option) This was my 2nd charger since "i lost" the first one. Until now its still mysterious to me how did it happened. I don't have Alzheimer nor unsighted. I put it in my drawer together with the cellphone. Sierra ask me one time if she can use my cell but then after that it disappeared. I'm not accusing anyone but since hubby is always reminding me on how stupid i am i lost my charger in my own house. I can't help to blame someone who i think responsible for it. I knew what i'm doing, i knew where to put things together in a proper places and this is what kids does messing things up "because they are kids". Its been 3 weeks now and still losing my charger is still mysterious to me. IS somebody intentionally lose it for some reasons? "I don't know! who knows?"

Well, back to my topic. Hubby hurriedly came home and telling me that he was pissed. He supposed to call me to say that he's going to get the kids before he go home but since he can't get uphold with me, he drove another minutes to stop by at the house to say what he's going to do. He work night shift. He supposed to be home at 12 o'clock if he won't go straight to the house on time i'll be worried and wondering where he at. I'm lucky enough despite of he's frustration he still managed himself to go home first and bring my order thru yahoo SMS a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy's.

I finally found my charger underneath the couch. My little girl is responsible for it. I knew i put it in the floor where did i recharge my phone the last time. I wonder how she took it and put in underneath the couch. I ask hubby if he kept it but he declined. So, i was thinking its Alyssa who done it sometimes when i was busy on blogging. She can do anything what she wants now. He crawled all over the place from bathroom to the kitchen. It happened twice that she was in our bathroom licking toilet rugs. So yucky but for her its yummy! She had this little rough spot on her knees caused of her too much crawling. Now that she can do anything i no longer underestimate her. She will be in danger if I'm still careless. I put pillows every corner of our living room and put a guard in in kitchen and bathroom. Even its frustrating to her and she's get fussy sometimes when she can't get to where she wants still worked out good for me. I won't be able to run after her whichever she goes. Playing with her is her therapy though.