Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stretch Mark Prevention

It can be very difficult to find the right stretch mark cream. With so many products and treatment options available every one of us are puzzled among which one is the best. For me, i found really shamed when i still had this stretch mark caused by being pregnant. My friend once invite me at her son's pool party but i refused to go on swimming because of my disgusted tummy. Ever since when i was pregnant hubby is so active on buying creams to prevent stretch marks but seems like it gets worst. Until now I'm still struggling with it. That's why i am extremely cautious of buying creams and treatments now.

Sometimes I'm depressed and feel like i have no hope on getting rid of them. Until one day i stumbled upon this website talking about stretch marks and how to prevent from them. From what i have read from other women story this revitol stretch mark cream is good on removing those irritating scars. It also regenerate the damaged cells of the skin and can bring back the natural elasticity of the skin. This cream is not only work if you apply it during the early stages of pregnancy but it still useful to woman after delivering a baby if and only if revitol stretch mark cream is applied daily.