Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is it!

I finally get off from bed and cook me something that can satisfy my hunger. Aside from craving of okra's and eggplant, this is also kind of food that i'm dreaming off yesterday. (ginisa na cabbage)
Hubby finally went to the store to get me a soy sauce. I always like silvers swan but i'm run out of it. I couldn't get it easy since the filipino store here is 150 miles to drive. I kind of like the soy sauce that hubby got me today (i have no choice anyway) so, i decided to cook me a cabbage with little pork in it (cooked in a pan with garlic, unions, vetsin, salt).
This is only food that i eat today since we were stayed in the bed the whole day with my baby. I get used to it though. I just eat once a day but sometimes i don't. Always my laziness strikes whenever i am planning to cook. That's why i love cereal and milk. No hassles, no more wait. I just have to put it in a bowl and tsada....I'M DONE!
Tomorrow its andoy's off from work. We are planning to go out for a dinner coz one of my friend invited us for a dinner but lately she refused to come. Its not the reason why we won't go. I like eating at the restaurant or somewhere coz it saved my energy and besides you can eat different kinds of food specially when its buffet style. So here we go my laziness strikes again. Hehe!

You might think that i am that bad wife and mom huh? Seriously i'm not that really.I still be able 2handle my household chores, takes good care of my baby. I still can wash hubby's working clothes or if i don't he will be naked going to hes work. He's not cooperating with me when it comes on that. So, i need to check from time to time if he still have some to wear which it don't matter to me coz its my responsibility. He was working everyday for us and for our future.
Anyway, thats all for today. Goodnight everybody!


ruther said...

mukhang msarap yang ginisa (miski di ako kumakain mashado ng gulay)