Tuesday, January 1, 2008

UK College Basketball

I supposed to post this yesterday but i forgot. It was already saved in my notepad. This was my hubby's thought about Uk college basketball. He love cats to death. He could have fight people when they are talking bad about UK. He actually watch every single game they played and never missed it. That's how he love he's team.

Alright, here is my hubby thoughts.

Cats (Kentucky Wildcat) college basketball was finally get back on track. After losing the game towards SAn Diego, UK finally showed the real game and erased disappointments by trashing Florida International today. They won by 43 points at home (Rupp Arena).
UK loses 6 games before when the star players Derick Jasper, Jodie Meeks and Patterson are hurt. Today, they are back and healthy from bad injuries. This must be kentucky wildcat's good start.

Hopefully this time, they have a good season on college basketball.