Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy Day for me!

Its been so busy with my career today. I guess all ppp bloggers does the same way. We are just thankful that ppp are pouring out so many tasks today which is very unbelievable in my side. So far, i earned 89 bucks today and still trying to finish this non paid post in order for me to get one. Its been such a tiring day as well as tiring career but who i am blame of? Anyway just a quic update here and i will try to get back later. I always forgot bloghopping today..whew!!


JazeVox said...

hi CC, how are yeah.nice to be back here at your page again

congrats on your multiple opps too!

Mira said...

Wow congrats for earning $89 in a day! That was huge. Keep up the good work.
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Lalaine said...

hi there!buti ka pa ,you have a lot of opps from PPP..ako wla..hehehe!