Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meaning of Names

When i was pregnant back then i was so excited to give my baby girl a name. Actually, some of my friends are giving me baby names but those are not appealling to me. Until one night hubby came from work and brought 2 pages of baby girl's name. I endeed up choosing the name Alyssa which is derived from a very popular celebrity Alyssa Milano. Out of curiosity i went online to seek the meanings of names then i stumbled upon babyzon.com/babynames. Its pretty cool website. I have seen so many cute names too which i found very helpful for parents who are expecting their baby. They are not just giving uncommon names but they also give meanings of each name you selected. Apart from that the website, they also provide some of the most popular pregnancy stuff like gender predictor, pregnancy calendar, best astro baby finder, best shopping guide as well as tips for pregnant mom should do or not to do.

I know the feeling of finding for a names of upcoming baby. I say, its pretty exciting at the same time confusing because you are giving a permanent and lifetime name for her/him. If you are looking for great baby names, i recommend you to check this site now.