Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes or No?

Okay here we go. I'm in the mode of completing my tasks right now. If you see it below i got a quite a few of paid post. Actually i only took chance to do some of these because who knows i maybe in a right get paid to blog program. I may sounds like doubtful or maybe convincing..up to you..heheh!! I heard so many positive and negative feedback as well which obviously that makes me feel what i feeling right now. As what my friend, Poray says 50 words isn't that bad though, so why try it on and see how it works. If i'm one of those people who are unfortunate enough with that program, so be it...if i am lucky i get paid, oh well congratulation. heheh!! Just a matter of taking chances cause that is how life is. If you guys have good or bad experience with bloggerwave kindly leave me a note here. I think that could help not just only for me but some other bloggers too.