Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Midnight Rant

Okay, i have nothing do to today so, i chanced upon to look at my bloggerwave account to see how was the posts that i made few days ago. Thank God, it was approved the only problem now is the payment. lol I know it will take a month to get paid so i'm hoping with that. Who knows i may be lucky with bloggerwave..

Anyway i still see some opps in my dashboard today. Look of the year was still there then it reminds me of the account i made last few weeks. I made my step-daughter, SIerra an account, which she didn't know about it as well as hubby. I took couple of her pictures in her myspace and i posted it there. Tody, it surprises me because there were 48 votes. The viewers probably see her profile and rate it which i never did expect, just a try endeed. If you guys want to take a look, just visit here. Vote it too if you like..hehhehe!! I guess its time for her to know what had happened..


ailecgee said...

Hi there! Caught that nice picture of Siera. She's really beautiful. But I'm confused. Is she your daugter-in-law or step daughter? Anyways, have a great day and will visit you back. See yah!

mahendra said...

hai...the kids are cute, i like see the photo and it seem look like you, ....i means the baby, how old is the baby ?

mylou said...

hehehe she's pretty... hope manalo sya!

Bill & Gina said...

Congrats we have a account with blogger wave but have not received nothing from it. Have a great one.

Lou said...

Oi Cha, pareho man mo murag teenager sa imong stepdaughter heheh


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Lalaine said...

for awhile abi ko ikaw ni..:) Gwapa sya!