Thursday, June 5, 2008

So fast!!

Boyahhh!! Just a quick update here today. I feel good this morning because i recieved a letter from USCIS for my biometrics. It such an honor because my 10-year card application was fast without hassles. We sent application 2 weeks ago and now i got a notice schedule for my upcoming biometrics next friday. And guess what we were going to Louisville which is great because it is close to us and sure its easy to go since we been there couple of times too. SO, right now i am hoping that my friends (Poray and Becca) had a time to meet us there. Hopefully, Poray's dada will take Poray there for us to see each other with our babies. I'm excited for my fresh fish and veggies too. I hope, i wish...they are feeling better though. :-(


Anonymous said...

congrats and good luck on your bio :)