Friday, July 25, 2008

My Shopping with eBillme!

I discovered a really cool stuff today which caused me to disregard my tasks including my household chores. What i did the whole day is shopping, yes shopping online at I shop for cellular phones since mine was broke.

Anyway, what i discovered really cool today is the eBillme, an easy process to pay cash while shopping online like TigerDirect, and so many other stores. I really like this way since eBillme does not required to give my bank information.

It was very easy and fun experienced while shopping with eBillme. I was actually surprised of how it went. eBillme is free to use, absolutely no fees. I never had to share my financial information during my check out, which i think its really great! One more thing that i love eBillme the most is the $20.00 gas card offer if i purchase over $100 at the participating merchants. With skyrocketing gas price, I think this is really good concept for me to be able to save money from paying too much for gas. Anyways, i would definitely used again in my next online shopping. You can use it too, i'm sure you won't be disappointed.