Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just thought of leaving a post here before going to bed. Its kinda odd knowing that its almost 4 o'clock here in the morning and still writing a post. heheh! Anyway, i just now figured to do the reserved tasks since i was too busy watching with Big Brother episodes that i missed in the last few days. Due to some technical problems with our satellite, hubby and i were not able watched it for so longgg...hehhe! Well, gotta get on the bed cause my little girl needs to sleep too (yawat nlng motubo sad ni) lol.. She was trying to play with me while i was typing. Goshh..she is tries to grab everything; my mouse, mousepad, and close the laptop. Gotta go see ya'll folks!


Ganns said...

Hi! Surfed in from Raft3r's site.

I always have that problem. I blog at 2AM, 3AM, and it bothers my wife sometimes. Hopefully, I'll balance it out soon enough.

Thanks for blogging this. :)