Friday, August 22, 2008


Two shows in a row of Bachelorette has surprised me. The first one i thought Brad would pick bachelorette DeAnna to marry and then here comes the 2nd one. Unsurprisingly DeAnna picks Jesse over Jason. The whole show i thought DeAnna ended with hunky single dad from Seattle but then when he proposed for marriage DeAnna stopped him from kneeling down and let him go. She opted for 26-year-old snow border Jesse. This is going to be interesting! I know... Jesse, the brokenhearted has signed to be the new Bachelor on ABC series return in January 2009. This time, he is taking a shot to find a perfect match in the 25 ladies who is willing to bare her heart and soul in national TV.


JAson is "looking for a woman who has a real curiosity about the world, who loves life and can find passion in life's smallest moments".

This is going to be a must-see series for anyone who like Jason and show Bachelorette.