Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to Get Paid on Blogging

Looking for ways to make some extra income on the side? A blog is an online diary of sorts and becoming a paid blogger can be rewarding and give you some extra cash as well. You can also get the satisfaction of having your own blog and letting the world know what you have to say. Here are some sort of tips on how to get paid on blogging.

The first thing you need to do is to get a blog. A blog is actually a website where a person maintains regular entries about their life, like an online diary, or other interests. Some of the more popular website that offers free hosting for your blog are WordPress and Blogger.

Start posting, by writing your thoughts or opinions in your blog. An example might be a personal story or a review of a movie you've seen lately. It doesn't have to be a formal story such as you would find in a magazine but can be much more casual in style, even in a conversational tone.

Find companies that pay you to blog. There are numerous companies that offer payment to blog for advertisers. Some advertisers want your blog to be a certain Google page rank but for the most part, you can earn money no matter what your page rank. Blogs that have a higher page rank or viewership will also get paid more since the advertiser will know that their ad has reached more people.

Continue to blog about your own life and make a list to have handy. Advertisers don’t want blogs that are just advertising space so you’ll want to sandwich your paid posts in between at least one post that are your own words about anything you want to blog about. Most paid blogging services also require this. .

Lastly, enjoy what you’re doing. If you think of paid blogging as a job, that’s fine but you want to make it fun as well. Make your blog unique so that more readers will find it and want to subscribe.