Friday, August 8, 2008


With a skyrocketing price of gas, people nowadays find that shopping online is most convenient way. However, shopping online isn't any safe at all. With so many ways of Internet crimes, hacking is the most dangerous which usually exists when the password, user name and personal identification details of a person is being traced by a fraudulent people. According to Department of Justice, there approximately 9 million Americans nationwide have been victimized of Identity theft. The Department of Justice does take action against these criminals but sad to say it isn't enough. Newer criminals come out thinking they are invincible and they all usually does some sort of damage.

However, life doesn't end with that. Taking a preventive measure is a sort of thing that a person should have to do. I personally recommend to use Lifelock.

Lifelock is a program that will protects us from hackers. They are one of the fastest growing company in the US which is known to be a successful in protecting citizen against identity fraud.

Isn't it horrible to wake up in the morning with identity has been stolen? So, before it happens to us, lets take a proactive measure. Use Lifelock to prevent identity theft.


Anonymous said...

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