Sunday, August 24, 2008

Next Vacation Plan

I been to quite few of great places after i got here. From living in the remote area in the Phils. it makes me so happy to see different and nice places for a changed. Though i haven't been to the so-called wonderful places in the country like Cypress Gardens Florida but i am still contented where i visited. But of course, i am looking forward to that.

Anyway, i am so fascinated to make a Chicago tours. My cousin Babe invited me to come over to their place and we actually planned to go in Chicago since it was just a few hours to drive away from their house. She says it was pretty good there, so many things to do and deffinitely have lots of fun. There are also many sightseeing tours, attractions and museums to visit which is great for the kids since Sierra and Kyle has been wanting to go at the museums too.

I been to Trusted Tours & Attractions, an online travel guides that has a lot of things to offer. I found so many options to do in Chicago and selected the Water Tours category since hubby is really wanting to go for a cruise. Of course, there are so many tours to choose from and i'm telling you the price is really affordable for a star-quality entertainment and breathtaking views to see. Deffinitely would love to go there in hubby's next vacation! If you too are planning for a memorable vacation, just visit Trusted Tours & Attractions site for your reference. And also, sign up for Trusted Travels eNewsletter for a chance to win a $150 Magellan’s Gift Certificate. This offer ends in August 31st, 2008 so, better sign up now before its too late.