Monday, September 22, 2008

a 14-month old Child

According to some belief---if a younger baby keep biting her/his toes then he is asking for younger bro/sis. However, in this picture, Alyssa hasn't ask anything like that. Instead, she was just busy biting her toe nails. I really can't comprehend why she likes to do that. I'm pretty sure, it does hurts her in fact, she already cut the half of her toe nails. How does she felt about it?--maybe happiness... She was giggled and laughed when she knows there is something (little piece of toenails) in her mouth.

Like most any other kids out there, Alyssa has characterized by negative about most things. Often saying "no" to her would make her mood changed and temper tantrum arise. For example, she likes to dig our trashcan--if she found something good in there, then she'll have to eat them. Climbing in the tables and chairs, messing up clothes and kitchen equipments are also some of Alyssa's habits when she is around the house. Stopping her is a worst nightmare-she cries it out loud as if no one cares. If there were cops could heard her, then mommy is probably immigrating in the jail.
Anyway, 14months old is too early for the so-called "terrible twos". I'm not expecting about it and---I'm sure nobody does but --is this common to them? Sometimes i think my child is trying to be rebellious on purpose.. Is it their ways of trying to express their growing independence because they cannot easily express their needs thru language skills? When and how to get through these? So folks, don't ask me why my YM status is always asking for a big HELP!!