Friday, September 12, 2008

Hoping for the best...

It's been a pretty nerve-racking days for me since i still don't got any news from ppp audit. I got 5 blogs in the marketplace which 3 of them is not actually bringing me some moolah. I really don't know if my two main blogs can passed the audit but i'm crossing my finger & hoping that i could make it. Anyway, whatever happens i just hope i can survive the feeling. lol I know its hard but this how life is..Hoping for the best here though..

Anyways, its almost 2 am now and here i am still working at my blogs. Still doing quite few posts from somebody who made an offer thru email. It does actually a big relief for me these days since i was too worried about ppp audit. Well, goodluck to me and for everybody who are working with ppp.