Thursday, September 4, 2008

PDA s2 Grand Star Dreamer

Alright, let's talk about PDA season2! Who will be the 2nd grand star dreamer?

My bet is either Laarni, Bugoy or Liezel. If according to popularity, it would be Laarni. I don't think bugoy can get so many fans as much as Laarni. But then when it comes to voice, probably Liezel. I'm not really Liezel's fan but i just love her voice. Its unique and incomparable. What about laarni? Yep, she has versatile voice, (ika nga birit queen) but her voice is too popular. It can be like other professional singers out there. (minsan nkakasawa din, halos pare-pareho nlng boses nila). Anyway, when it comes to Bugoy, hmm nothing so special. (nerve-racking ang pagkukulot-kulot nya, sometimes annoying) and also his diction when he sing. So, i really don't consider him as a grand star dreamer but then if i have to think of his family's situation, he needs to win the grand prize. So, obviously, my bet only goes with the three (Laarni, Bugoy or Liezel) the rest...

Van is okay. There are probably a lot of cebuano's will be voting for him. Miguel is okay as well but not Cris. In the very beggining, i don't see Cris potential as a professional singer. Maybe a sexy star..what u think?


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

PDA2 addict ka rin here