Friday, September 12, 2008

The Renegade

If any of you who like to watch BB10 as much as i do then, this probably exciting topic to discuss about. Well, from the very first beginning i really like Memphis to win. I'm glad that he won a car from the very first challenge they have inside the BB house. But later on, i found out that Dan is making the house more intense. Using his strategic moves and tactics, throwing the competition so many times -so that nobody would not suspecting him that he's a big threat- is a very smart thing to do when you are the BB house. So obviously, he did make it to get in the final two together with his secret alliance, Memphis. Give it up for "The Renegade"!!

And now, i hope Dan will win in the BB10. He is more deserving to get half million dollars BB prize.. Anyway let's see on Sept. 16, who will be the BB10 winner..
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