Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Sissy

We been around little while earlier. Since its hubby's off, we pick up Kyle from school and went to the restaurant to eat while waiting Sierra to come by. Its actually the reason why i go with the husband today because of Sierra. Its about a week that i haven't seen her after her facial surgery done.

We were so happy to see her big change. Her swelling goes down a lot and the only thing that bothers her right now is her teeth where they put something to straight them up. I forgot what she called them but it looks bad. I hate to see the braces inside of it and few threads. But as what i understand her, she is feeling so much better and she actually can talk clearly now. Seeing her pretty face alone won't even tell she just had a bad wreck. The minor cuts are clearly healed up and the facial surgery that they did to her was awesome. I thought it was going to be rough like cutting her skin face to put plates in her injured bones and jawline and stitch them again.. Okay, i'm not a doctor..i'm just being paranoid...

Anyway, it's been 3 weeks now since she had a bad wreck in a 4wheeler and by Monday she was happy that she'd be able to go back to school again. Were so thankful despite of what had happened to her.