Friday, October 24, 2008

Noggin Channel

Something is going on lately with my little girl. I find her more interested in watching tv cartoons and mind you, her favorite channel is Noggin. Yes, she is not a usual type that likes to run around the house dragging our pans and bowls everywhere. At least, she is now grown like a big girl, who likes to sit beside me sucking her bottle while caressing my hair watching her favorite show "Little Bill, Dora the Explorer, etc. at Noggin channel. She preferred that way! Gosh i love it! She used to be like a whiner and easily gets frustrated when things doesn't seems to go right on her way.

Last night hubby rented a movies "The Incredible Hulk" and "Monster Slayer" and seems like Alyssa love them both. She just sit beside me watching until the movie was over. Funny how she is to me. I love what she showed us lately and it really tickles me.