Friday, October 3, 2008

Off-Season Sale

Originally priced at $22.00, this cute women shorts was reduced to just only $7.00. What a bargain! Well, it's just happens that i browse the site and found this cute one, actually i was looking for off season sales of different items that i can take with me during my next visit in the Phils. Perhaps, i think this time of the year is great for buying stuff specially when you are in budget. Why paying too much anyway if you could buy them for at least half of their original price?

Anyway, i found the shorts in forever21 website --which is actually a best source in seeking for fashionable teen clothing. I just love the website because they have so many good items and the quality of their products were great. And right now they are having so many off season sales and a free shipping if you order over 75dollars. I just placed my order anyway, and hopefully it will be here sooner. Can't wait to have them...