Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gown Rental Business

Lately, i am fascinated of collecting gowns. I just seen them online one day and realized that i can do better to it. Just as few weeks, I decided to buy 5 gowns for prom or for wedding. Alright, the reason why i decided to buy them because me and some of my friends are decided to get dress up on the upcoming wedding to one of our new friend here in Ky. Anyway, since we were planned to wear bridesmaid gowns, I was thinking to just resell the gowns i have collected or maybe let them rent it. Another thing is gowns are needed in the prom day. So maybe i can make a shop for gown rentals. For some reasons, hubby says its not gonna work but let's just see what happens. If it's not, maybe i could bring them to the Phils. to let my Mom run a gown rental business specially around May where gowns are needed for Sta. Cruzan events and also the wedding of my brother.