Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Community that Pay

Has anyone of you guys know about a certain social networking website that will give you money? Too good to be true isn't it? Well, VegasSocialClub.com is what for! VegasSocialClub.com is a newly launched site designed particularly for people who wants to join online community. The website is offering great features like profiles, photos, forums, videos, and chat. It's pretty much similar to Myspace and Facebook but the difference is that here, you will get paid by adding new friend. Yes, you will be paid $20 for each new friend you add! Ages between 21 and 35 years old is welcome to to join the community. This is your chance to make new friends, view and post your photos or videos and at the same time earn some bonuses. Join Vegas online community where members get paid to refer new members!


online casino guide said...

Is this true? Can I just sign in without being referred by someone?

emmy said...

that's true??
coz i learn from other about that and many of website offering this.