Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a Day

It's been a long day! The family has just got back from roaming around. Hubby took the kids to the game place while me and Alyssa went shopping. Alright, i have horrible day with Alyssa. I lost her in the store where we were at in few seconds. Yes, she give me goosebumps.-- While i was picking up few things, Alyssa was running around the store and suddenly, I lost her in my sight. So, i hurriedly scream her name and find her. She don't say anything. Good thing she's got a bangle bracelet which making some noise. She was banging them together in the glass doors while looking at the people outside. That noise seems too weird for me so, i got up there and there she is.. I'm glad the store had no automatic doors or she'll be in the outside. Since then i put her back in the cart and went check out. What a day!