Friday, December 12, 2008

Taking care of a shoe

We all want our shoes would last. if you live in the city that loves driving, you are not always so hard on your shoes. But if you live in the city and use public transit then you know, no matter what a pair of shoes costs, they are going to take a severe beating. Whether your shoes cost $50 or $500, you don't want to wreck them in a few months, don't you? To prevent them from being easily damaged, taking an extra care is neccesary.

There will still women who wear their best shoes on a rainy day--which is a very bad habit. If you must and wanted to wear it, you can pack shoes with you, bring an extra ones or shoes that are less likely to be damaged and then break out the nice shoes when you get get to the office or when you're safe and dry. Most shoes are not meant to last a lifetime, but with proper care and mindful wear, they can last several years.