Thursday, January 22, 2009

Purchased Tickets

Planning to go home this year is finally settled. Last night husband allow me to book a ticket for us (Alyssa and me) this coming March. I purchased two tickets online with a total of 1248 dollars. It was pretty cheap actually for the March and April. The plane we're flying is NWA which is great for me travelling alone with the baby. I think it's less hassle because we don't need to go to change many planes and stop-over are only an hour. Anyway, this is going to be exciting. My family back home were very excited to see Alyssa for the first time. I just hope i can get my notice of extension this week and also Alyssa's passport before the date of our airline reservation though. That's going to be a big problem if don't get either one of them.


Honestly Fresh said...

what a deal! the last time i bought ticket it was almost 1600, not including US domestic flights..happy trip to you both!