Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wholesale Handbags

I'm so fascinated of buying handbags. To be honest i got about 17 of them stock and actually some of them are in my luggages which i planned to take them to the Philippines and give it to some of my cousins. The reason why i got these so many is because everytime i saw pretty handbag I can't resist myself not to buy it. When it comes to bags i prefer for a style and price but not the brand. I don't care what the brand as long as its a fashionista type then i'd go for it. Mostly designer handbags are too expensive anyway. I started to think about LV or Gucci. Okay, i love to have either one of them but the ones that i love the most--of course with great style and color is way expensive. It would be great if i got so much money to buy those stuff or even buy a wholesale handbags and give it away as gift or sale them to friends. Whoaaa that would be great idea to start a business!