Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have been sick for couple of days. Sad to say, i got cold, cough and fever. Hubby is wanting to take me to the doctor since my fever has been goes down and up. I decided to just stay at home, take a fever reducer medicine and get rest. The reason why opted to do this is because i really don't want to go outside plus the hassle on going through the hospital. I will get better soon with my tylenol and ibuprofen, in my opinion.

It's my 4rd day since i had a worst fever and right now i am feeling better. The only thing bothers me now is my tonsilitis and sore throat which cause my neck swelling a little bit. I am working on it though. I never stopped taking ibuprofen to relieve the pain and some medicine for it. Hopefully i completely get better soon.

And wait, i still got to find me video cards before i finally get off here. Husband is been wanting me to order one for Kyle. I know Buy.com is a solution when it comes to that!