Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last month, my step-son's xbox experienced the 3 ring death error. Husband send it off to somebody who do the repair but no luck, he couldn't fix the problem. Instead, he offered us to get the console he had which cost 150 including the shipping. Alright the console worked for only a week, so husband send it off for replacement. Thank God he did send us one. This time it worked for 2 weeks and quit. That was really frustrating! Hubby emailed again to let them know that he want a full refund since the console is under 60day-warranty. We pretty sure they already got the console we send couple days ago. I emailed them for our 150 dollars refund and he says, it will take 4 or 5 days to before we get the money. We are still waiting and expecting for the full refund on monday. I hope he send it to us that way we don't have to deal with this bugos.

Anyway since my step-son has no xbox to play with, husband felt bad about it and he ended up buying a new xbox 360 arcade in walmart the other day when we did our grocery shopping. We did not plan to buy new one. He just feel like he is guilty for some reasons that his son might get upset for not giving what he want. Although we are financially tight, the kid got a new toy. The xbox360 arcade cost 200+ which is a little bit cheaper than the whole system. He kept his old hard drive, the only thing he need is the xbox arcade or console.

Yesterday, my step-son was happy to spread the news about they are getting off from school. He is so happy about it because he can stay with his daddy and play XBox whenever he wants to. He had a lot of games, he has plenty of friends to play with xbox live. The only problem we had now is he wanted a new halo game. The other day, his grandfather bought him UFC game cost 60 bucks. Oh well, this kid is really something.