Friday, January 15, 2010

A great day indeed

Yesterday was a very busy day for us. We get off from bed at 8 in the morning which is very early for usual 3am-bedtime-people. Eventhough everybody is kinda sleepy and tired, we managed to get all the work that has to be done that day. As for myself i already done all the paperworks required for my passport renewal application. We went to the sheriff's office to have my thumbmark print as well as county office to have the paper notarized. After that we went to the post office to send them off. Hopefully it work. Sending those application in the mail saved us hundreds of dollars for Washington DC trip.

Later that day we went to husband's doctors appointment in London which is about an hour to drive. We sat in the clinic for 3 hours because there was so many patients in there too. I hated that place, husband shouldn't be there but nothing i can do. That's the only spine doctor that is good and closest to where we lived at. At 4pm, we went eat and headed straight to the shop to get a new tire for our vehicle, then we went to walmart for grocery shopping. I got everything i need in a store from food good for a week, new animal-print wallet, bib necklace to best slimming pills that i always wanted. Yay! We got home at 8pm. What a day, a great day indeed!