Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boots in summer?

I love to follow strange fashion. It is like making me unique and different from everyone else. As the years go by, my personal style has improved. Now, i have a lot of nerve to wear tights, leggings, high-waisted jeans or skirts and boots.

And oh, peaking of boots, i was wondering if they are acceptable in summer wear. I bump in to couple sites that discussed about wearing boots in summer but it seems like a lot of people do not agree of the idea. My personal opinion is, i don't think it is a big no, no. Of course, it depends on the weather. if you live in cold place why not paired your adorable boots with minis and tights. But if you live in a hot climate, you might want to wear a pair of mid-calf boots with tan or white colors, dark brown or black are seemed wintery. The fringed mid-calf boots are hot, i'm sure ankle boots are too. So, i'd say boots are still acceptable in summer only if you got a right pair and comfortable wearing them.