Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Business failure

We were down at the hardware store in our little town the other day to get some stuff we needed for the house like paints, nails etc.. An old man is happened to be a cashier in a store sum up our bill manually because the store have no equipments like receipt printer, barcode scanner etc. Upon handling the receipt, we were surprised that the total is way up high. After checking the receipt he gave us, husband complained the $16 dollars amount exceeded in the bill. The old man was sorry for his mistake and gave the 16 dollars back.

We know he wasn't intended to do it but having no business equipments is difficult specially if your cashiers are older people. Who knows, the situation we got in happens not only once. What if it happened opposite where they make mistakes by giving more change/money to the customers? That is an exact reason why business won't be succeeded.