Saturday, May 15, 2010

Firefox or IE?

For some reasons, my internet explorer is much better than the firefox today. Though i have this two browser, i am more favored with firefox and used it much because i thought it is easy to use and more faster when it comes to viewing video websites. Today, i was surprised and got annoyed of how the performance is. It was too slow and seems like it won't do anythiny even my internet connection was okay. It must have something to do with upgrading their version.?..i don't know. Anyway i'm glad I have the internet explorer downloaded already, so everything worked great. The only problem i have is i can't log in to my important websites because i don't remember the usernames or password which in firefox, it was already stored and automatically logged in whenever i visited the site. I guess i should have wrote it down and make sure have it store for my next IE use.