Monday, June 21, 2010

Ebay listing remove: Zumba dvd

I don't know if i made a huge mistake on buying the zumba dvd in ebay but right now, i am little confused as to why ebay emailed me just right after i paid close to $50 for the item. The email says, the listing was removed because the copyright or trademark owner of the product was reported and they believed that the item may not be authentic. Right then i searched couple of websites and forums regarding zumba dvd in ebay and to my understanding the company have authorized people that can only sell zumba dvd's online specially in ebay, craiglist or amazon. (Is it true?)

Some other believe that it could be due to their competitors that also selling zumba dvd's and reported other sellers as selling fake items.

At the forums, there are plenty of zumba seller complained about their listing was removed due to the same reasoning even though their dvd's were authentic.

I don't know what else to do. I already emailed the seller and asked if the dvd's i paid for was fake or authentic or where did he got from however, i still have no response as of now. One thing that i'm happy about this transaction is, the seller already give me the tracking number 5 hours after i paid the item.

Maybe i just have to wait the sellers response or wait the dvd's in the mail and see it myself.

I don't know why ebay let this these things happen. They should have check the listing first before they're viewable to the public or something. It is not fair to pay for the items you wanted and then after couple hours you learned that it was removed due to the listing violation.

The same seller that i just bought dvd's from have still couple of zumba dvd's listing in his page right now, how come they never remove them yet?