Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grad day

Our day was a bit busy today. We went down to the school to attend the graduation ceremony for Sierra. We stayed in the gym for few hours and stayed another hour in the parking lot while waiting everybody to get out the area. It was real busy, husband and I got tired of traffic so I blowed the horn once just to play with it.

I didn't know blowing horn here is a big deal. Here comes the wannabe cop (jack**s deputy sherriff, so to speak) asked husband if his the one who is blowing his horn and then told us we can go whenever he wants us to. It created a little tension there, that makes me even sweat a lot because i was also scared that he might give us a ticket for not putting Alyssa in the carseat. Thank God, he didn't. Husband's smart mouth made him shut off...End of the story..(lol)