Monday, June 21, 2010

The Magic School Bus

My kids go crazy anytime "The Magic School Bus" is on television. This show is the epitome of a program that puts a positive twist on education and its role in the lives of children. My kids are now able to find the relevance of education in their lives. Also, no matter how boring school may seem to them, they are able to make their studies have a positive effect on their life. I am grateful for "The Magic School Bus" and love watching this program on satellite tv Oklahoma with my kids.

"The Magic School Bus" features the adventures of students when they take various field trips in the magical school bus. The school bus takes them on all sorts of adventures that make learning a true joy. My kids have become incredibly inspired by this show. One of my nephews even has the life goal of becoming a heart doctor because of an episode of "The Magic School Bus" that he once watched!

"The Magic School Bus" makes kids want to learn, and that is this program's great strength. A great episode I once watched with my kids detailed the way in which the heart functions. I found it fascinating to watch the bus travel through the valves of the heart. Overall, this is a great educational program for kids!

This is from my friend Anna Klaren