Saturday, July 3, 2010

Almost 5' & we still up

It's past 4oclock in the morning now and we still didn't go to bed yet. Husband is on his computer playing yahoo spades while the little girl is watching her cartoons. Yep, she's still awake too! (what kind of parents are we?)

I have no idea when we finally settle down to bed because as far as i know, husband is still busy with his games. His been yelling, mad and all that because of his partner that always messed up the way he played his cards. (silly, i know) As for me, i just done a little bit of workout just to cut those calories i put in my body today. While i'm not sleepy yet, i took advantage of the time to update my blog and do some of my backlog online tasks. Hopefully, i get done with these soon that way i don't have to worry about them next days.