Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Introduce Your Child To The Internet Effectively

Post written by Yvonne Rogers

When my child became old enough to go onto the hughs netinternet, I was a nervous parent. Although satellite internet had been a great addition to my family’s life for many years, I almost considered getting rid of it just to keep my son and daughter, who were at the time eight and nine, off of it. I didn’t know where to start or how to educate them so that they could be smart on the internet and make good choices. Therefore, before I even let them on, I sat them down and said that although they would be allowed on the houghes netinternet, they would be doing so at first under my supervision. I told them that this was the only way that I could be sure that they were safe.

During this process, I also shared some scary stories with them about kids that were hurt because they ran into the wrong person on the internet. I think it’s important that they understood what the consequences are to not following directions when it comes to the internet. I also showed them how to force quit from any screen that pops up. This is something that they can use if they accidentally navigate away from a trusted page. These tools and nuggets of knowledge will hopefully keep my children safe as they find their way through the internet.